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Dulcimers for sale, please contact the individuals listing the items:

McSpadden Dulcimer Contact James Voit 608-577-8439

dulcimer for sale Voit
Price is reduced to $325! March 12, 2019.

Another McSpadden Dulcimer. I have an hourglass dulcimer for sale. I purchased it new at the Dulcimer Shoppe in Mountain View AK. It was made by Lyn McSpadden and the label is signed by McSpadden and dated July 1975. It is in excellent condition. I live in Madison. I have no photos of it, but anyone interested can come by and look at it. My phone number is 608-237-6581 or email cockadoodledoo1953@gmail.com. Thankyou very much.
Diane Walder

colonialtailor@yahoo.com is the owner contact him for more information. Asking $300; phone number 309-371-5238.  Lives in Monticello, WI.

Another dulcimer for sale
Diamond Designs
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colonialtailor@yahoo.com is the owner contact him for more information. Asking $300.

McSpadden mountain dulcimer 4FHWR with 1-1/2 fret addedBuilt in 2011, only one owner.  Walnut body with redwood top for rich tone!  In great shape – just a few small wear marks from the pick.  Photo shows a wrist rest, which is not attached to the instrument.  Includes soft McSpadden case, a beautiful wood capo, and navy blue strap embroidered with a dulcimer.  A new dulcimer – same model – costs $500 from McSpadden. Contact Mary Kinsley mkinsley27@gmail.com.

Cloud Nine 15/14 hammered dulcimer – cherry with red cedar soundboardBuilt in 2005, purchased directly from Michael Allen, the maker, at his shop in central Ohio.  Michael makes dulcimers for some of the best players in the country, and this one is beautiful!  Check out his website cloudninemusical.com!  One string has broken, otherwise is in great shape and has been played lovingly!  Includes a fully-adjustable oak stand, soft case, several hammers, and collection of CD’s which teach several fiddle tunes (Rick Thum).  A new dulcimer – same model – costs $900 from Cloud Nine (photo is from the website but it’s the same model). Contact Mary Kinsley mkinsley27@gmail.com.