Welcome to the Southern Wisconsin Dulcimer Club.

Click here to see meeting place and time.

Our club includes both mountain and hammered dulcimers. We are willing to accept other stringed instruments.

Since 2008, the club and festival has featured various artists including Neal and Coleen Walters, David Foss, Gloria Hays, Katie Waldren, Robert Force, Bing Futch, Stephen Seifert, Karen Mueller, Tull Glazener, Molly McCormack, Bing Futch, Erin Mae, Wendy Songe, Rick Thum, Lorinda Jones, Pam Bowman, Dona Benkert and Tom Garrett. We’ve also had Joe Collins, Steve Eulberg, Lil’ Rev, and Jeff Furman teach us virtually.

Be sure to find us on Facebook.

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